University of Kansas Emergency Medicine Residency Update

The University of Kansas EM residency program passed a major milestone in 2012. As part of the continuing accreditation process, program director Dr. David Lisbon and the University of Kansas EM program had an ACGME site survey in July 2012. After several months of preparation, the site surveyor came to KU for the day-long process. We were very pleased with the results and we received full accreditation. We are due to have our next site survey in 2022.

Our excellent results were a reflection of our faculty and residents’ hard work over the past three years. Since 2010, our residents have been excellent ambassadors of our department and have taken full advantage of the clinical opportunities at KU. They have also been actively involved in the program’s continued development. Another major contributor to our program has been our program coordinator, Edie Bryant. For the past three-and-a-half years, she has done an excellent job in organizing the program, keeping the program in compliance and making the program directors’ jobs easier.

Our department, led by Dr. Dennis Allin, has made impressive strides over the past three years. All of our faculty members are actively involved in resident education and our core faculty members are actively involved in scholarly work. Dr. Chad Cannon leads our research efforts and is active in participating in multi-center studies and sepsis research. In July 2012, we added a toxicologist, Dr. Stephen Thornton, to our faculty. He is the director of the KU Poison Center and leads the toxicology rotation for our third-year residents.

An increasingly important area in both emergency resident education and clinical practice is point-of-care ultrasound. Dr. Jared Marx, director of ultrasound, completed an emergency ultrasound fellowship in June 2011. Our EM residents have a two-week rotation in EM ultrasound during their first year of residency and elective opportunities during their second and third years. Currently, all of our residents are on track to meet the ACEP ultrasound credentialing guidelines and will be able to use this crucial tool in their EM practices.

In 2012, Dr. Marx and I proposed the idea of an emergency ultrasound elective for fourth-year medical students to the KU School of Medicine. The proposal was rapidly approved, and we have been accepting one student monthly on the rotation. Our department is now hiring a second ultrasound fellowship training faculty member and has the goal of starting our own emergency ultrasound fellowship in July 2014.

Our department is grateful for many others who have helped make the residency program a success. Our department’s nursing and support staff members have been very welcoming to our residents. We are thankful for all the faculty members from other specialties who have taken the time to give lectures in their area of expertise that are geared toward emergency medicine. We are also thankful for Dr. David Kingfisher allowing our residents the opportunity to fly with LifeStar. Air EMS is an active interest in many of our applicants, and we are proud to partner with LifeStar to offer the experience.

We are now recruiting our fourth class of residents and are anxiously awaiting the match day on March 15, 2013. As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the residency program or have any topics you would like to speak with the residents about.

Thank you,

Jeffrey G. Norvell, MD RDMS FACEP
Past President of ACEP, Kansas Chapter
Associate Program Director
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Kansas Medical Center