About Us

Kansas ACEP was founded in 1972, representing emergency physicians, residents and medical students working at hospitals throughout Kansas. Kansas ACEP membership has increased over recent years as a result of a growing emergency medicine residency program and a thriving Emergency Medicine Interest Group. The Kansas chapter has worked to increase our membership numbers to more than 300, surpassing the threshold to increase our national representation to four Councillors.

Board of Directors

Howard Chang, MD, FACEP

Nancy Blanchat, MD, FACEP

Kyle R Brown, MD, FACEP

Immediate Past President:
Kenneth Marshal, MD, FACEP

Howard Chang, MD, FACEP
John McMaster, MD, FACEP
Jeffrey Norvell, MD, FACEP (alternate)
Matthew Sinnwell, MD, FACEP (alternate)

Resident Liaisons:
Maria Enders, MD
Austin Petz, MD

Member at Large:
Joshua Davis, MD

Executive Director:
Ashley Williams